In September 2009, a group of parking industry executives formed Parksman Parking LLC. Parksman Parking specializes in luxury valet parking operations and concierge services in the South Florida area with approximately $5,000,000.00 in annual parking revenues. Parksman Parking was purchased in October 2014 by Caribbean Parking and its new managing partner Mitchell Liss. Mitchell and his management team have over sixty years of experience in the parking industry in South Florida.

Since January 2014, Parksman Parking has expanded its parking and concierge operations to Luxury Condominiums and Garage/Surface lots from Miami Dade County to Palm Beach County, while at the same time building and improving its infrastructure.

In December 2018 we brought on board our new president Rudy Reano with over 23 years of experience in the parking industry, we unified our operations, combined our names and rebranded all of our parking divisions. We are now proud to operate under one name, PPK Parking.

In March 2019, PPK Parking acquired Southern Parking, a valet parking, concierge and front desk provider, including shuttle drivers and transportation services. with over 47 years of service in the industry. This added another 35 locations and 250 parking professionals to our family.

Currently, PPK Parking and its subsidiaries employ over 500 parking, concierge and shuttle drivers employees in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County. PPK Parking anticipates through its hands-on management style will generate over $20 million dollars in revenues for 2019.

Our goal is  to grow the company through our sales, marketing, and acquisitions based on our reputation for customer service and our innovative technology.

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